NHS Anti-Smoking Campaign Poster

The brief was to pick one of two companies, NHS or Barnardo's and design a campaign poster. For the project I chose the NHS and their anti-smoking campaign. I decided to go with smoking and impotence, to target teenagers and adults. A nude scene for the campaign was used to gain attention and in order to shock the audience. The young male holding a cigarette in a condom between his legs draws attention to the problem area where most people would not want to see, but also cannot avoid looking. The young woman in the background, while not the main focus, is a key part showing and representing how this problem affects your love life. Whilst some may view this poster too crude, I feel it effectively represents the condition, and I feel the shocking imagery is great to gain attention and stay in the viewer's mind. Upon presentation I got the desired shocked response from fellow class mates, after around ten minutes of staring.

All work and imagery is Copyright © Deborah Clerkin 2017