Type Tasting
V&A 14 - 22 September 2013

A celebration of typography

Type Tasting with the London Design Festival at the V&A. Words about creative London that look like their meaning. This is done through choice of typeface, mark making tools, incorporating unusual materials or inventing new letterforms.

The brief:
Design a word about creative London to complete the phrase: "London =..."

My Word was London = Photographed.
I chose the word PHOTOGRAPHED as it is one of my greatest passions. As a photographer images are very important to me, capturing moments that become lasting and loved memories. In my piece I wanted to portray modern photography with crisp, clean images making use of modern techniques. However I also love the more traditional process of film, which has a much more involved process to reach the end result and produces varied yet unique results with each shot. Sometimes the small imperfections can really add to the atmosphere of a photograph. Whilst digital photography leads the way I wanted to portray that traditional ways still hold a place today and that they can work together to create interesting pieces.

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